Word of the Day: ACCOLADE

The word for today is: ACCOLADE.


  • A mark of acknowledgment or award an expression of praise.
  • A ceremonial embrace.
  • A brace or a line used in music to join two or more staffs carrying simultaneous parts.


  • Mr. Kodunmi received the highest accolade of his profession.
  • His girlfriend deserves a accolade for enduring his maltreatment.
  • This movie has drawn accolades from both fans and critics.
  • There is no any higher accolade at this school than an honorary degree.
  • For their exceptional bravery, the firefighters received accolades from both local and national officials.


  • Encomium, citation, commendation, dithyramb, eulogium, eulogy, homage, hymn, paean, panegyric, salutation, tribute.


  • Rebuke, indictment, reprimand, reproof, censure, condemnation, denunciation.
  • Sermon, lecture, harangue, admonition, correction.


  • This word means “embrace”.
  • It was borrowed from a Middle French word “acoler” meaning “to embrace”.
  • Its first known usage was dated 1591.

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