Word of the Day: SLAKE

The word for today is: SLAKE


  • To provide, do, or have what is required.
  • Archaic: subside, abate, crumble, moderate.
  • To cause (a substance) to heat and crumble by treatment with water.
  • Satisfy, quench.
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  • Trying to slake his curiosity.
  • The cold water slaked his thirst.
  • Hanging out with you has never slacked my love for adventure.


  • Assuage, quench, sate, satiate, satisfy.
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  • Arouse, excite, pique, stimulate, tantalize, tease.


  • This word is from an old English “slacian” from “sleac” slack.
  • Its first usage was traced back to 14 century.
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