POEM: A weep against XENOPHOBIA

Poet: Author Kelly Juuz

Oh, see how they are dying,
See my brother running to death
Aunty, is the new watch gaurd
Ah, daddy has been wounded’
Mummy is yelling for help;
To no avail, to no avail’
Oh yes, our peace agents has fled
Till when! Will xenophobia die’
A question in many mouths unheard,
See Mr President in his quite resident,
The news is viral, yet he sips his water
Oh yes, let the citizens help in census count…
By increasing death rate? Oh, I weep!
I weep against xenophobia, oh, I weep.

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Where are the people of democracy…
Is it not time to put off the A/C ?
Enough of the cold luxuries, dear leader’
Citizens are watching you in weep,
Enough of the political phrases;
So full of nothing but decapitated clauses!
Dear leader, how long do we hope on…
Mr Executive, are you executing souls?
Senate the sin-net, let’s turn anew leaf’
We can do better, not over there, in Golgotha’
But here, in our father’s land: Nigeria.
Ring the bell, ring the bell of freedom,
Behold, the civilians are not animals,
We are still humans, we are one Africa.

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