I’m happy at Arsenal, not Real Madrid – Dani Ceballos

Dani Ceballos has revealed that he didn’t enjoy football until he moved to Arsenal on loan from Real Madrid.

Ceballos joining Real Madrid didn’t go as planned, with him never consistently finding a place in the first team.

The Spaniards said he wanted to leave and he was happy leaving the club.

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“It was clear I wanted to leave,” Ceballos said. “I’ve been successful in leaving, now I’m where I want to be and I’m very happy.

“My idea was to leave, play and enjoy football. In the previous two years, I hadn’t done that.”

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Ceballos could play alongside Sergio Busquets for Spain during this round of internationals, which he’d be delighted to do.

“I love playing with Busquets,” he said. “He measures the time and speed of the game very well.

“He’s a reference for young people,” Ceballos added.

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With the Olympic Games coming next summer, the Arsenal midfielder could play in Tokyo as well as at the European Championships.

“I could play in Euros and the Olympics,” he said. “It’d be a dream for me to be in Tokyo.”

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