C.D.C adds six new coronavirus symptoms (SEE LIST)

by Owoyemi Khaleel

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC has added additional six symptoms of COVID-19.

The American disease control agency on Monday added Anosmia as one of the symptoms of coronavirus.

Other symptoms added are Chils, Reapeated shaking with chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, Loss of taste or smell

Previously, the symptoms known were cough, fever and shortness of breath.

All symptoms of coronavirus

  1. Cough (known)
  2. Fever (known)
  3. Shortness of breath (known)
  4. Chills (new)
  5. Repeated shaking with chills (new)
  6. Muscles pain (new)
  7. Headache (new)
  8. Sore throat (new)
  9. Anosmia (Loss of taste or smell) (new)

A Californian-based doctor, Dr. PENKING disclosed this via his twitter handle.

He said:

On Monday, he had tweeted about a doctor in his center who tested for the virus despite observing “all standard precautions”.

Adding that the doctor showed no symptoms other than anosmia (loss of taste or smell) and body weakness for a month.

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