LOCKDOWN EXTENSION: Will the additional 14 days change anything?

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Monday announced the extension of lockdown by another 14 days in three states; Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The President, on Monday, March 30, had announced during a national broadcast the beginning of a lockdown scheduled to start on Tuesday, March 31 and end on Monday, April 13.

Yesterday, he has announced the extension of the lockdown in the three aforementioned states starting from today, Tuesday, April 14 and expected to end on Monday, April 27.

The President urge residents to comply by the law and ensure to stay safe by following all advice given by medical experts and professionals.


What’s your view or opinion on the extension? Do you think the previous two weeks is a success? Do you think the additional 14 days extension will have a positive effect on the spread of coronavirus?

Taiwo Olalekan (Ajegunle Apapa, Lagos)

Sure the past two weeks was a success and the new one added also will have a positive impact on the spread of the virus.
But looking at the other side our government need to find a way to supply and support the poorest of the poor and not just them alone others with food items and more education about the virus.
Because if we decide to say we should go out the spread of the virus will be much and when it’s get to the poorest of the poor am not sure we will be able to control it again.

Rasheed Fasanya (Egbeda, Lagos)

We will be better off at home than getting exposed to the virus. The numbers are increasing everyday.
The only positive is that, we will be able to get more persons affected.
Contrarily, the palliatives are not there, which will definitely brew hunger and all sort of ill-mannerism from the people.

Ojo Olayiwola (Suleja, Niger)

The extension is a good one base on the fact that it has been proven that social distancing is one of the preventions to curb spread.
But the FG should have considered some Nigerians in the area of feeding.
We looked forward to the safety of all Nigerians during this period. Stay safe

Afeez Onitilo (Ikotun, Lagos)

The extension was expected given how the reported cases keeps increasing. Looking at the number of recoveries and death, you can say maybe the previous two weeks helped. And to some large extent I think the next 14 days will be crucial, but if the reported cases keeps increasing instead of reducing then it might look like a waste.

Baderin Juwon (Mushin, Lagos)

As far as I’m concerned, there was a lil bit of success, but the failure supercedes it. now police brutalities, armed robbers, hunger and so on. Without proper provisions for the people, everything is going to be futile. The government either provide relief funds or at least give out provisions to the people to keep them at home.

Owoyemi Abdusamad (Ogbomoso, Oyo)

To me I expected it in fact I was excited when I heard it not that am a lazy type or am excited that one will still be home for extra two weeks. The reason why I was excited is that it will have a positive effect by curbing spread of the virus.

Salimon Abdulazeez (Iwo road, Ibadan)

I believed the COVID-19 virus in Nigeria is a scam. I don’t see any reason for Government to make everyone stay indoor apart from trying to make it look real to make more money.

Temitope Akinbo (Mushin, Lagos)

Apparently we can’t say it’s a success we are yet to eradicate the spread of COVID-19, in order for it to have positive effect the well being of individual citizen should be put into consideration. Also the government should look at the level of poverty in the country.

Wasiu Ibrahim (Mushin, Lagos)

The government did what is best at the moment, though it will affect the citizens and their economic activities in some ways but still prevention is better than cure.

Akanni Aminat (Mushin, Lagos)

Although, the government is trying to protect the citizens from the coronavirus pandemic, but they should also consider the welfare of their citizens. Our leaders should try to realize that their are some people who can not feed themselves without working in a day. To some extent because there is every tendency we have more cases than we have now if their is no quarantine. It will if all the citizens can abide by the stay at home order given by the government because those people given privileged to run their businesses are not abiding by the stipulated time they are given so you see people in some areas as if their is no lock down order in that area and the law enforcement agencies are not doing anything for them. If government can not enforce the stay at order on everybody they should please free people. They shouldn’t allow huger virus to kill us at home.

Author Kelly Juuz (Festac, Lagos)

Alright. My view on this further extension may be negative in the ears of many but the fact.
The disease we’re dealing with is a scary one, oh yes, but hunger is the toughest one.
There’s no way one could survive hunger for two good weeks, let alone with the addition of the disease. Now, if one is a victim of this disease and as well no food to eat, that’s too way an easy gateway into the death-land. And our government isn’t doing anything, in regards to humanitarian resolutions. Except for capable individuals who took it upon themselves to aid the yawning masses.
Probably, this added two weeks could be a bad idea, in the hearts of many citizens. Government should process a quick aid to masses in the aspect of feeding and equipping regional health sectors.
The previous two weeks isn’t really a big success, I noticed Nigeria’s death rate is speeding up than that of few other countries we are better than.
The additional two weeks may be a green one, if the health sectors are well equipped, if the media channels don’t frame up logs, if citizens are been taken care of in the aspect of food supplications, and lastly if God’s intervention surface quicker than expected.

Banire Saleem (Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos)

Before the lockdown in Nigeria: 131 confirmed cases in 12 states and 2 people dead.
As at today, 14 days after the lockdown: 343 confirmed cases in 20 states and 10 people dead.
Now just imagine what could happen if churches, mosques, schools, bars, clubs and offices were open. So, it’s just so sad the government are the egocentric one here. They aren’t making the necessary provisions for the LOCKDOWN.
As much as I’d love to say that the LOCKDOWN might just be a necessary solutions to curb this pandemic, the government are not making the people be on a total Lockdown. If truly we make this lockdown runs as it should, then definitely we can contain this virus and sweep it off our country. But then, how can we be on total Lockdown when there’s not even a single provision for us?
Now people aren’t scared of the virus itself anymore, they’re fighting hunger (and allowing the virus or whatever to come their way if it would.
This is not really a fight against CORONA VIRUS anymore, it is a battle between VIRUS, HUNGER, FEAR, ROBBERY & EGOCENTRIC LEADERS.

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    The extension is a “necessary evil” the government have to do without blinking but the government have not been able to carry out it’s function in 1. Carrying out tests across infected areas and state 2. Proper management in distribution of palliatives 3. Ensuring proper security for citizens

  2. James
    James says:

    What works for “A” doesn’t always work for “B”. STAY AT HOME is not working for most parts of Lagos. They,re just deceiving themselves. If the virus has really entered populated areas like Ajegunle, Orile, Ikotun etc. Then we’re finished.

    What is the purpose of the “stay at home”?
    Is it not ..Social distancing and Self isolation, in other to reduce person to person contact and invariably reduce the spread of the virus… is that not so?

    If you really observed your neighborhood these past weeks… are people actually distancing themselves? Some residential/living conditions alone prevents them from social distancing!!… Tell me how can “Face me I Face you” tenants observe social distancing? When more than 10 different families use one toilet and bathroom?
    Let them just stop deceiving themselves… The additional 14days is just additional money for police men.

    The only thing working are the isolation centers and containment processes, let them just keep watching the airports closely and our bothers and containing the already infected persons. God will help us.


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