Players scared to return to action amid threat of coronavirus

Players are afraid to return to action amid the coronavirus pandemic due to the fear of contracting the virus and passing it onto their families.

The Premier League, LaLiga and Serie A are hoping to return within weeks, while the current top-flight campaigns in the Netherlands, France and Belgium have all been cancelled.

With no guarantee that the government will totally relax social distancing by June, there is no hope for early match return.

Moreso, playing behind closed doors or neutral venues, an early return to action puts all players in harm’s way.

According to FIFPro, the players are really worried and concerned about the harms they will be exposed to.

FIFPro General Secretary, Jonas Baer-Hoffman said:

“The players have real worries about infection risks.

“They are worried about what that means for their families and friends they engage with.

“They are worried that football may be resuming under poor conditions and lead to actions that are not healthy — because other people see them as an example.

“It’s really important that it’s safe and we mitigate the risk as far as possible.

“The worst thing would be to return too quickly and fail because the virus has not disappeared. Then we would have to stop again and not come back for even longer, when we should have waited.

“We surveyed players and anxiety and depression more than doubled since before the crisis. They are human beings too.”

talkSPORT host and former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan believes that the Premier League season must be cancelled out of return or else Football Authorities run the risk of “corporate manslaughter”.

“You cannot have a situation where a global sport of this magnitude has a player who becomes infected, which is an absolute inevitability because they are going to get infected until we find a vaccine.

“And what happens then, corporate manslaughter?”

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