Be Prepared! See The 9 Things That Will Change After CoronaVirus

Many in the world keep wondering and believing that things will return to normalcy immediately after the coronavirus is conquered, but that is a honest lie and we all are aware of this.

So many things will change, many jobs will be lost (that is already happening), many businesses will shut down (most especially the SMEs, products will be worthless (look at the oil) and so on.

And aside that, some business will strive, new opportunities will be discovered, challenges will set in, competition will be high and so on.

But in this post, here are nine things that will change when the pandemic is over.


This is the most obvious of all, the myth of the necessity of office life has been shattered forever.


Following on from the trend towards working from home, business travel will shrink, tourism will also shrink if countries adopt a mandatory quarantine period upon arrival, this may be mitigated by the use of a COVID-19 passport which states that under no circumstances can you infect anyone.


Again, following on from working from home will come studying from home. The cost of university education will drop by an order of magnitude and make it open to a whole new category of students who can take classes flexibly, there may also be enough take in adult education.


The international supply chain will not shrink, it will, however, the rebuilt with the degree of redundancy and for tolerance built into it, something the telecommunications industry has practice for decades and the financial services industry has done since 9/11.


Many countries has attempted to do contact tracing by monitoring the word of your smartphone, it is possible that many legal rights will trampoline upon this. The usefulness of the activity will, however, cause the system to be rewritten to take privacy into account and monitoring will become a voluntary activity that provides social rewards.


Remote working will also turn remote worshipping, watchful arise of the one man mega church that uses green screen technology to simulate crowd and ask for donations and tithe via payment gateway like PayPal and Stride.


Creating a live global television station is no longer outside the realms of the average job. Put a few friends together with Webcam in a couple of country and you have news station, there haven’t been such disruption since the advent of reality shows.


Socialism is here to stay, as even the rich cry when there is no food, government bailouts of workers and companies and set presidents worldwide and that will be difficult to rollback.


Family life is going to be more flexible with both parents, couples and children spending more time together. This will result in a better quality of life for summit of rising domestic abuse for others and create consequential arising in the need of professional counseling personnel. Whatever happens the world is never going back to what it was.

Do you have any additional point, or you have a different view on this, drop yours in the comment section below and let’s continue the discussion.

With event/happenings, Do you think the virus could lead to the end of the world? Do you think the world would recover from the effect of this pandemic?

Drop a comment below and thanks.

Stay Home… Stay Safe…

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