Money should not decide if football returns, Parlour says

by Owoyemi Khaleel

Former Premier League player, Ray Parlour has said the return of football amid the coronavirus pandemic should not be decided because of money.

Parlour, who won the 2002 Premier League title with Arsenal, said the revenue from TV money, clubs’ finances and the economy should not decide if football returns next month.

He said the return should be about the safety of everyone – players, managers, fans and football staff – and if there is debate about the safety of football if returned or not, then it’s “obviously” not safe to return football.

“Money shouldn’t come into it, itʼs all about the safety of everybody. If we’re debating if itʼs safe to go back then obviously it isn’t safe, so we shouldnʼt be talking about going back yet,” he said.

However, during his talkSPORT show, he added that all power still lies with the government to decide what the lockdown situation would be like.

“Itʼs up to the government now. … Next week we gonna get the guidelines to how to come out of the lockdown which will be interesting to hear. And then they can give you the guidelines to say this is what we can open up now, this is what we canʼt open up.”

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