A Santa Claus mission coming from Julietgreen&white Foundation and Richman Foundation with Pay Kindness Forward on a mission of giving joy to the orphans and less privileged.

The joy of giving mission to millions is a campaign established by the Founder of Richman Foundation, Jin Wu Goh Chin Ting for Orphans around the world receiving unexpected gifts.

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This year’s 2020, December 20th, Richman Foundation Joined with Julietgreen&white Foundation by Amb. Juliet Geoffrey Porbeni and Pay Kindness Forward by Dr. Vivian Passion Koh to send peace, surprises, joy and happiness to orphans and the less privileged in Nigeria by celebrating the season’s festivities.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Juliet is still hard at work to support and impact her generation positively.

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The world needs more people who can give their all to aid in the betterment of the society by adding value to other people’s lives through selflessness. The good you give to the world will return to you in abundance.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. No one has ever become poor by giving, the key to success, fulfilment, prosperity and a life of abundance is ‘giving’.

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“The Joy of Giving Mission to Millions will continue to travel to share the holiday season with children around the world.”

Happy holidays to all!.

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