POEM: A peace call

Poet: Author Kelly Juuz Hello, Southie’ Hello Africa, my Africa’ Hello humans, the peacemakers, I have read the redlines of xenophobia I have watched the blood flow The fault is internally based The solution is internally based But the cure is in roam’ Yet, you can’t find it in Rome, It’s within the four walls […]

POEM: A weep against XENOPHOBIA

Poet: Author Kelly Juuz Oh, see how they are dying, See my brother running to death Aunty, is the new watch gaurd Ah, daddy has been wounded’ Mummy is yelling for help; To no avail, to no avail’ Oh yes, our peace agents has fled Till when! Will xenophobia die’ A question in many mouths […]

POEM: Cry of the masses

Muse: Banire Olamilekan Saleem Inspired: #NoToXenophobia #BlacksAreEqual We sharpened your blunted knife, and we were been hurt with it in return. We planted your crops and foods, yet we are been fed upon by hunger. We dig for you your borehole(s), yet we are always feeling thirsty. We tender our lives for you, yet we […]

Lies in the world of truthfulness

The option of telling a lie should always be darker, slimmer or thinner based on your conscience. Someone who has no conscience will always derive pleasure and gratitude at telling or narrating wonderful and sorrowful lies. It’s morally sound to be celebrated for truthfulness than to be honoured by a multitude of crowd with the […]

EL ZAKZAKY: Another danger looming?

The nation’s statistics on casualties of terrorists attack is over 10,000, a billion more has been lost property wise. Innocent children, aged, adults, teens, infants. This menace has spared no age bracket. Muslims, Christians, atheists have all met their death through terrorism. No tribe has been spared, either Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, or Ibibio. Terrorism […]

ISLAM: The word is peace (Intro)

I wonder when some people failed to understand the meaning of Islam and with their ignorance, they keep saying what they shouldn’t about “Islam”. When I came across a post on a blog, I couldn’t rest and that triggers this post. Islam as carved from the word “As-Salam” which mean PEACE, and Allah (Subhanah Wa […]