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“Tinubu has sold his soul to the devil” – Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has shared his thoughts on the former Governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s speech at Pa Reuben Fasoranti’s home.

The former minister said “Tinubu has sold his soul to the devil and his conscience to the north” following an unexpected content of Tinubu’s speech.

FFK went to his Twitter page to share his thoughts with his followers.

Read Femi Fani-Kayode’s full statement below…

“I listened to Tinubu’s slurred speech and utter nonsense at Pa Fasoranti’s home. He was inconsiderate and insensitive. He was not there to mourn or commiserate with Pa, he was there to mock him, to pour salt in his wounds, to play politics and to speak for his Fulani masters.

“What have the kidnapper Evans or the Igbo got to do with the targetting and assasination of Olakunrin?And why the obscene determination and desperate hurry to absolve the Fulani of this hideous crime?He may not believe that they did it but why would he rule it out completly?

“Does he know something that we do not know? Is he an expert when it comes to assasination, homicide and murder matters? Does he know who the killers are? Why the rush to tell us who it wasn’t? Can’t he at least wait for the police to conclude their so-called investigation?

“Even for a confirmed quisling and desperate serf this time Tinubu has gone too far. Funke has not even been buried yet and he is already pissing all over her bullet-riddled body. Tinubu has sold his soul to the devil and his conscience to the north.

“He has become a slave to his ambition and a plague to his people. He is a shameless soul and wicked old man who is ready to sacrifice anyone and anything to become President.

“I make this pronouncement today: as long as Jesus sits on the throne he will fail woefully.”

“You are an institution” – Atiku celebrates Prof Wole Soyinka at 85

Former Vice president Atiku Abubakar, celebrates Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka as he clocks 85.

The 2019 presidential election 1st runner-up, shares his wishes on his Twitter page.

He posted:

“Happy 85th birthday Professor Oluwole Soyinka. I would have used the word icon to describe you, but you are beyond that. You are an institution. An institution of literary excellence and conscientious activism. A national treasure, you are Nigeria’s pride and a beacon to Africa.

“In wishing you many more years of life, I celebrate the fact that, like wine, you are getting better with age. We have a lot to thank you for. From putting us on the Nobel map, to getting FRSC up & running, and expanding the minds of our youth. We can never thank you enough. -AA”

REVEALED! How Funke Olakunrin died

Earlier, The Pace News reported that Funke Olakunrin, the daughter of Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, was reportedly shot dead along Kajola-Ore in Ondo State on Friday, July 12.

Ondo State police command spokesman, Femi Joseph, on Saturday, July 13, revealed how some kidnappers killed Funke on Friday.

According to Premium Times, Joseph admitted his ignorance of Funke’s identity as Fasoranti’s daughter.

Joseph narrates Funke’s murder: “It happened at a spot between Kajola and Ore, where some hoodlums numbering about 15, attacked two vehicles, one Toyota Land Cruiser and one Camry.

“The the Land Cruiser was carrying five passengers, including the deceased, which we later identified as one Funke Olakunrin. They shot the woman, we rushed her to the hospital, but we lost her.

“Other four occupants that were abducted, we have rescued them. Inside the Camry too, we had three occupants, they were also abducted, but we have rescued them. We have rescued a total of seven persons taken during the attack.

“There is still one person left that we are still looking for, and we are working frantically to ensure that the hoodlums are brought to justice and ensure any other hostage were rescued.”

Joseph furthered that the identity and ethnicity of the attackers cannot be confirmed until the arrest is done, as he dismissed Afenifere’s spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin that Fulani herdsmen killed Funke.

Joseph told journalists while responding to Odumakin’s claim: “No, you can’t shave the head of a man in his absence. You have to wait for us to arrest them. Somebody you have not arrested, it is difficult for you to establish his ethnicity.”

The police said three vehicles were attacked by the kidnappers and that one of the passengers, Gerald Igboroka was yet to be found by the police.

The deceased was in the United States to celebrate her grandaughter’s 1-year birthday a week to her death.

President Muhammadu Buhari had also condoles with Pa Fasoranti.

Broadcaster, Nollywood actor Jide Ogungbade is dead

It’s another sad news to the media and movie industry as they lost another important person in their midst.

Theatre director, broadcaster and Nollywood actor, Nicholas Babajide Ogungbade is dead on Tuesday after a period of an undisclosed illness.

His family announces his death in a statement signed by Pastor Niyi Gbade and Ayotade Ogungbade.

Late Ogungbade was born on August 21, 1952 in Minna, Niger State and a native of Akoko-Ikare in Ondo State.

He was a multi-talented artiste, who was also a poet, playwright, singer and music composer.

He is best remembered in the theatre circuit as the director of the famous Ajo Productions series of plays, which began in 1983 and culminated in the Ajo Festival of Plays in 1986.

He is survived by children, grandchildren and relatives.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

PHOTO NEWS: Funke Fasoranti with her daughter, granddaughter a week before death

Late Mrs Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin, a week ago, was in the United States to celebrate her grandaughter’s 1-year birthday.

The deceased was reportedly shot Friday along the Kajola-Ore road, in Ondo State, by those the police described as armed robbers a week after her visit in the States.

President Muhammadu Buhari condoles with her father, Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti.

See photo of the birthday in the US below…

President Buhari celebrates Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka at 85

President Muhammadu Buhari sends warm felicitations to Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, on his 85th birthday, July 13, 2019, rejoicing with the literary icon for being one of the country’s greatest prides, and a universal brand.

President Buhari joins family and friends of the cerebral academic in celebrating the many years of laudable achievements, recognitions, awards, and consistency, all which have cumulated in pride to Nigerians, Africans and the black race.

The President salutes Prof Soyinka for his intellectual momentum, interventions on state issues and polity through articles and comments, penchant for justice, and persistence in holding leaders to account.

As he clocks 85, PMB affirms that Prof Soyinka’s lifestyle sends a message to all Nigerians & Africans,especially the younger generation, that real success is measured by the intangibles of courage & impact brought to the life of others, rather than pursuit of personal interests.

Buhari condoles with Afenifere leader, Pa Fasoranti on daughter’s death

President Muhammadu Buhari has commiserated with leader of Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, on the death of his daughter, Mrs Funke Olakunrin.

The deceased was reportedly shot Friday along the Kajola-Ore road, in Ondo State, by those the police described as armed robbers. The President directed security agencies to swing into action, and bring the hoodlums to justice in the shortest possible time.

The President prayed that God will comfort Pa Fasoranti, and give him the fortitude to bear the grievous loss.

PHOTO NEWS: Gov Sanwo-Olu receives Lagos State Council of Obas, Chiefs

The Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, yesterday, receives the Lagos State Council of Obas and Chiefs at the State House in Ikeja.

The Council of Obas and Chiefs was headed by the oba of Lagos, HRM Oba Rilwan Akiolu.

Sanwo-Olu shares some photos on his Instagram page.

According to the Governor, the Council gave their words and commitment to keep their communities safe for economic and social activities to thrive.

He said, “We had a mutually beneficial meeting where they gave us their words and commitment to keep their communities safe for economic and social activities to thrive, and to also make their domains peaceful and conducive enough to make people prosper while conducting their legitimate business.”

Sanwo-Olu also promise to work in together with the Obas to ensure the state remains an investment place and peaceful for everyone.

“On our part, we will work harmoniously with the traditional rulers for peace, progress and sustainable social and economic development of the state and ensure Lagos remains an investment destination to all people wishing to come and invest.
#foragreaterlagos,” he concludes.

See more photos below…

“Fulani herdsmen are symbol of bloodshed, terror and evil” – Femi Fani-Kayode

Following the recent changes in the new Nigerian passport, Femi Fani-Kayode, has referred to the Fulani herdsmen as symbol of terror and evil.

He shared his view on his Twitter page earlier this morning.

See full statement below…

“Fulani herdsmen are symbols of bloodshed,terror,mass murder, ethnic-cleansing,genocide,carnage, torment,trauma and evil. They represent nothing but cruelty,suffering, land-grabbing,church-burning,raping and pillaging and are instruments of occupation,domination and conquest.

“They have slaughtered more Nigerians over the last 4 years than BokoHaram have done in 10 and they have been designated as the 4th most deadly terrorist org. in the world by the int. community.We must consider all this in the light of the composition of our new passport.

“To dedicate a page of our passport to them and paste their picture on it represents the biggest and most gratutious insult to the Nig.people that has ever been served. It’s like dedicating a page of the Israeli passport to Hitler and the Nazis that slaughtered 6 million Jews.

“It is like dedicating a page of the Southern Sudanese passport to the Janjaweed Arab Muslims of Darfur that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of black African Christians in the Sudan.

“It is like dedicating a page of the Congolese passport to King Leopold 11 of Belgium and his people after they butchered 10 million Congolese. It is like dedicating a page of the Rwandan passport to the Hutu Interahamwe after they wiped out 1 million Rwandan Tutsis.

“It is like dedicating a page of the American passport to the rebel Confederate forces of the Amerian civil war and to the Ku Klux Klan who slaughtered miliions of black Americans over the years and who insisted on the perpetuation of the institution of slavery.

“It is like dedicating a page of the South African passport to the white Boers and Afrikaans-speaking Dutch settlers who founded and established the apartheid state,who butchered milions of Africans over400 years and who believed that the blackman was no better than an ape.

“Such a gesture is heartless, unforgivable and unbecoming. It is insensitive. It is callous. It is wicked. It is uncharitable. It is unkind and it is evil.
The worship and veneration of cows and cowloving is alien to the Nig. culture and it is regarded as an abomination.

“We are a nation of believers that worship God and not one that worship cows. Those amongst us that regard cows as wives and that value the life of a cow more than the life of a human being are not Nigerians but aliens that come from a distant land outside our shores.

“To paste such people and their accursed cows on our international passport and compel Nigerians to carry them all over the world with us aspart of our national identity,heritage and culture is unaccpetable and too much to ask. It is a gross misrepresentation of who we are.

“We reject it in its entirety and we insist that the Buhari administration removes that accursed page forthwith and replace it with another symbol that truly represents the noble, enlightened, civilised and laudable nature and heritage of the Nigerian people.

“We refuse to accept a symbol that represents a retrograde, barbaric, blood-lusting, vampiric, malignant, malevolent and bestial foreign heritage and culture on our passport.”

Popular Social Media Twitter down worldwide

Popular social media platform, Twitter, is presently experiencing technical issues, leaving thousands of people unable to connect with the site.

According to a monitoring site, Downdetector, more than 50,000 people have also reported experiencing problems with the social media platform.

Users have been unable to access the site via both channel – website and mobile.

The site displayed this error message:

“Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

While the Android app displayed:

“Cannot retrieve tweets at this time. Please try again later.”

A Facebook user who resides in Florida wrote:

“Oh no. The world is going to end!! Twitter is down!!!!”