The glorious hour of “Brexit”

Three years ago, with the referendum of June 23, 2016, the British people decided with a percentage of almost 52% and with 71.8% participation the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. This great result was undoubtedly the first major, painful defeat for the under German-controlled European Union of banks and multinationals. However, the […]

Lackadaisical practice in Lagos hospital: My personal experience

Majority have attested to several bad and lackadaisical attitudes of government workers at government hospitals, and just weeks ago, my turn to be a victim of the inhumane act deigned on me. Come along as I share my firsthand witness and my short experience in the hands of the unkind people entrusted with the lives […]

Sowore symbolizes “revolution”

For those who are making an absolute noise on the arrest of the Presidential Aspirant as well as the Chief-exponent of Sahara Reporters, in a State that has a constituted authority, it’s wrong to call for an organized revolution when Nigeria is not like NANS or UNILAG SU. That’s only possibly acceptable in a colonial […]