Sowore symbolizes “revolution”

For those who are making an absolute noise on the arrest of the Presidential Aspirant as well as the Chief-exponent of Sahara Reporters, in a State that has a constituted authority, it’s wrong to call for an organized revolution when Nigeria is not like NANS or UNILAG SU.

That’s only possibly acceptable in a colonial system of government or perhaps a military government like that of NADECO. I wonder what Sowore would have achieved by now if Nigerians have voted him into power as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Would he have called for revolution if he’d been appointed as a Minister or given an agency to manage?

At times, leadership is like two raised to power two when you are a follower or you have vacated the seat of power but in reality, leadership goes beyond imagination, perception and theoretical framework.

History has taught us that, people like the so-called Sowore will never make a good, successful president because of his youthful exuberance and uncultured political inexperience.

If he’s working on how to make himself as relevant as Prof. Wole Soyinka, Late Sage Chief Gani Fawehmin, Chief Bamide Aturu, Taiye Solarin, to mention a few, i don’t know of a time when either of these names has ignorantly stooped to conquer. What is wrong is wrong, no doubt but Sowore has to go back to the drawing board, read history books on how revolutions have been won in time past. Revolution has a process & it takes an individual with impeccable sense of loyalty & deep mind of maturity & indisputable or unquestionable integrity to achieve what he’s clamouring for.

How many questions have Sowore answered as far as the money laundering or embezzlement credited to him in recent times by his poorly funded political party? Come to think of it, someone who has successfully handicapped a teething and nascent political party is calling for revolution. He who calls for revolution must come with integrity and unoverwhelming sincerity. I think something is wrong somewhere. I don’t know in the history of the world, someone who is soiled with corrupt activities lof this nature and was able to buy the minds of the populace in staging for a revolution. If Sowore is to begin a revolution, he’d start that from his political party by putting it in order, not with the primary aim of re-contesting but with a deeper love of fair and just leadership. Sowore should learn from Mahatma Ghandi, Ex-president Kwame Nkrumah Osagiefo, Leopold Sender Senghor, Desmomd Tutu, Segun Okeowo, to mention a few. One thing Sowore missed clearly was that, there is a sitting (legitimate) government whose authority encompasses all odds. Revolution isn’t about noise making and finding faults but it’s a relative step towards making a positive change which comes with a bag of ‘uniformity of voice’ and not that of a minority defacing the walls of Lagos all in the name of revolution now. Revolution goes beyond that of NANS, SU or any microscopic epileptic union that is funded directly or indirectly by the government or that rakes in money through fine-bara, decent-bara and being sponsored by the opposition with a token that will never rejuvenate the lost souls or wake up the dead in their sizable graves. Sowore isn’t too young to start and end a revolution but someone who has questionable attributes as far as integrity is concerned isn’t qualified to mention the word ‘revolution’ in the public sphere except he’s in a Political Science class, giving lecture on the history of great political leaders whose contributions to humanity can’t be easily forgotten. One thing that isn’t understandable about the leader of the Revolution Now is that, does he even understand the concept Revolution? Does he still think like a SU/NANS leader or he thinks this is an online State, Country like’ Sahara Republic’ that you can initiate revolutions like that of two little kids pointing toy-guns at each other? To massively sustain, obtain and win the sentiment and sympathy of the entire people of a country (State, if you like), it’s not about your own selfish moves, individually-blinded interest… It must be a collective effort geared towards a common goal. Tell me how many Nigerians buy into Sowore’s ideology when his hands are already soiled in financial mess. Taiye Solarin would have taught him thousands of lessons on how to go about this he he were to be alive as the presiding officer of The Peoples Bank that went down the lane from existence to non-existence.

Revolution goes beyond ‘stick and carrot approach.’ It goes beyond what an individual wants but what 95% of the people want. Sowore should tell us how many Nigerian youths think like him. He should tell us how many political and economic Nigerian headaches he’s preferred solutions to. Taiye Solarin who used to make a noise like him had one of the best schools that has transformed millions of lives into respectable personalities. Chief Gani Fawehmin’s Law Chamber had silenced thousands of economic challenges such as poverty and provision of scholarship to mention a few.

It is still very fresh that Sahara Reporters is an Online Publication that’s added more salt than sugar to the development of sentiment-free journalism. All that Sahara Reporters do is to promote politicians who can fund its contents financially and politically. A case in point was Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwehala in her book titled ‘Fighting Corruption Is Dangerous.’ This brilliant Economists pointed out how Sowore used ‘Sahara Reporters’ to drive home the interests of the power-that-be as at when Jonathan was begging her to take the position of the ‘Coordinating Minister’ For Finance. Okonjo dragged home her point by concluding that, Sahara Reporters is the mouth-piece of politicians who are capable of funding it and as a matter of fact, their interest will be journalistically and editorially covered. She pointed out two cases, the removal of the subsidy, the clarion call by the ex-governor of the CBN that’s sacked by his boss under GEJ and many more. In a nutshell, Sahara Reporters has in recent times been like The Tribune Newspaper that was the mouth piece of Awolowo. Like The West African Pilot that was the mouth piece of Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe. Such online publications will never naturally bury sentiments as far as journalism is concerned except it manifests or metamorphoses into ‘brown envelopes.’

Chief Obafemi Awolowo didn’t even do close to half of this before he’s charged or ‘guilty of treasonable felony.’

Sowore needs to understand that, the true-picture of governance outside the four walls of the institutions isn’t about procrastination or imagination. It creatively goes beyond stage-protests from time to time to battle the University Management.

Any revolution at this juncture should start and end with how Sowore can provide millions of practicable solutions to Nigeria’s problems. After all, he’s wealthy and his wealth both materially and non-materially should help thousands of Nigerian youths to be gainfully employed and putting an end to critical problems, issues that battle us in the face. If Sowore repeats that Nigeria has so-so-and-so problems one million times, that doesn’t permanently put food in the stomach of the hungry youths or does it pay the school fees of the drop-outs? If the answer is anything to fathom, Sowore should revolutionarize Nigeria’s troubles such that, the core ones like insecurity, unemployment will stylishly and childishly take a clean pair of its heel from our territory. Shouting revolution from now till 2023 is just like telling the Nigerian youths that i want to deceive you because i have a hidden mission and the hidden mission is that i want to be remembered when i am no more and i also want to become Nigeria’s president in the nearest future.

Sowore’s SU approach should be a wake-up call to us that, commonsense isn’t common for people to easily deceive others so as to achieve their selfish motives.

If there is any time Sowore must find solution to Nigeria’s problems, the time should be now if truly he’s sincere with the revolution he’s shouting like hawkers of bottle water and gala on the street of Lagos.

Macaulay Jamiu writes from Lagos.