Lessons and Meaning from #GhashiyyahChallenge

MEANING 17: Do they not look at the camels, how they are created? 18: And the heaven, how it is raised? 19: And at the mountains, how they are rooted (and fixed firm)? 20: And at the earth, how it is out spread? 21: So remind them (O Muhammad, PBUH—you are only one who reminds. […]

5 facts you need to know about #GhashiyyahChallenge

There have been a trending reading challenge between the Muslim on recitation of some selected verse in the Holy book (Al Qur’an). Below are some things you need to know about the challenge… 1. It was said that the challenge is among the Morkazy (Morkadhy). 2. Ghashiyyah means overwhelming. 3. Suratul Ghashiyyah is the 88th […]