Are you interested in advertising on The Pace News?

TPN having Over 2,000 Facebook fans and Twitter Followers, and good numbers of daily views.

Are you thinking of advertising your business or services? Advertising with us is a very good decision to take and really an opportunity for you as we disburse different ad types running from text ads to banner ads.


  • Ads From Indirect Competitors: We Only accept ads from sites that do not compete directly with our services.
  • Business Sales & Publishing: Do you have a business which you want to publicize, Do you want to promote your event? Do you have an ebook to sell?
  • Facebook Fanpage & Twitter page: Are you seeking social media awareness or publicity? We can help you achieve that easily with our social media packages.

We can also advertise your Company, or Your Annual Meeting, Party Holdings, Seminar Here.


  • Text Ads: Our text ads will be placed immediately after each posts on the site. Here, all our visitors/viewers will see it, and the ads remain on the site till advert plan expires.
  • Banner Ads: Banner ads runs at different places on the website (Leaderboard, Square, Skyscrapers, others). It also shows at all pages of the website.
  • Sponsored Post: This type of advert makes us to write about your business/service and publish it on our website like normal post, it will get attention of our readers and it will remain on the website forever.

All advert are available for CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPC (Cost Per Click).

Please, kindly note that articles to be published as sponsored post must be submitted for verification and approval before payments are made.

All banners for advert should be provided in JPEG, PNG, SWF, GIF and max of 100kb. We will expect that all banners for advert are provided at least three days before the campaign is launch.

If publicity & huge sales is what you want, then hitting your target is a child play when you Advertise with Us.

Contact the AD DEPARTMENT for your special ads if your package is not stated above.

For more enquiries, Mail us via:

Moses Adeyemi

Owoyemi Khaleel